Local info roundup: May 14, 2018

Photo shared by @theosfeast

Roaming the Vancouver area I come across things that are neat and interesting but don’t find a home in my reporting. Here are two things I recently learned about:

1   . Alzheimer Cafe starting up in Vancouver. Alzheimer’s Cafe is a program open to people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, their family, friends and interested public.  The goal of the cafe program is to educate people about how the disease works, what things can help a person with a dementing illness stay engaged and happy as long as possible.

The Cafe’ is being held once a month at Beulah Gardens in East Van staring May 14th fro 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  Read more here about what is an Alzheimer Cafe. 

2. I thought I’d heard of every way the history of humanity could be expressed or recounted: song, music, painting, dance, mime. There is another way: food.

Theo’s Feast, an avant garde dining project created by Trinity Western University professors (and chefs) is hosting “Taste & See” a dining experience that expresses the history of humanity through carefully thought out food. This is molecular food: the menu boasts things like Olive Oil Dust and Air Bread along with more run of the mill things like sous vide carrot and charred tomato (I use the term run of the mill loosely).

Happening May 14th in Langley, if you can’t get tickets it’s worth checking out the instagram feed.


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